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We are pleased to introduce another member of our fantastic and dynamic Avento team – Danuska Camillerri, who is our Workplace Coordination Manager. Danuska took time out of her very busy day to tell us a little about herself and what she does here at Avento.

What is it that you do here at Avento?

In a nutshell, I'm responsible for the environment surrounding our workforce. Both myself and my team members are here to ensure each employee’s working-day within our almost 2,000sqm office space is safe, comfortable and inspiring. Each day brings new challenges which requires quick thinking, flexibility and a solution-oriented mindset. A great way to describe my role is to liken it to a swan… Gracefully gliding across the water whilst underneath, there are two feet propelling themselves back an forth at tremendous speed allowing them to get to where they need to be…and fast!

How would you describe your time at Avento so far?

I was brought into the company at just the right time, to watch it blossom and bloom into a brilliant place to work. I work alongside some incredibly talented minds, great characters and with so much team morale across the different departments, it’s allowed Avento to have a truly unique culture. Avento has a bright future and I’m very proud to be a part of it.
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