Human Resources

The beating heart of our company, Human Resources, keeps our people at the center of all that they do. They ensure that we not only attract, acquire, engage and retain stars into our living organisation but that they continue to develop with us throughout their career, in an environment that fosters our vibrant culture.


The team that helps keep it all together. Our operations department encompasses areas such as customer service, fraud, content design, payments and integrations. They focus on running an efficient and dependable department that fosters high performance, integrity and innovation in all that they do.


We all know that the numbers matter and our Finance team are key to ensuring that we stay true to our core values. They do that by focusing on integrity in every facet of their processes from general office finances, to corporate and business.


Our legal team forms a key role within the foundation of our company, ensuring compliance with various regulatory requirements and location-specific law. Each member of this team brings a unique area of expertise, from regional legal councel, compliance and AML to Licensing and Data Protection.

IT & Technology

With hardworking and creative minds, this department continuously pushes the envelope on all that is innovation. Building trusted and groundbreaking ways to deliver not only our products but also creating stable solutions for other complex tasks and projects.


It’s definitely not easy to consistently and constantly come up with new and dynamic ways to appeal to multiple markets on a wide range of different demographics, across an evergrowing portfolio of brands. Our Marketing team proves time and time again that their passion, creativity and innovation knows no bounds.

Our Trusted Partners