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Avento MT, though relatively new to Malta, has been founded with the belief that something within the gaming industry was missing, that secret ingredient that makes part of most successful companies essence, this being their customer.

Our journey has only just begun and critical to us being able to achieve our goal of becoming the number 1 casino for exceptional player experience is our ability to stay true to our core values these being Innovation, Passion, Integrity, Performance and Diversity, this reigning true in not just our cooperate realm but also in relation to our approach to people.

As such we are looking for a reliable, responsible Workplace Custodian to help maintain and care for our office facilities. We take great pride in the external and internal appearance of our facility and see it as a reflection of our business. We are looking for someone who sees it the same way. The ideal candidate would be a custodian who is careful and thorough in his/her work, cleaning and tidying the premises with great care and an eye for detail. If you are an experienced custodian who is reliable, focused, committed to building upkeep, and have great physical stamina, we want to hear from you.

Duties and Responsibilities

– Thoroughness and commitment to ensuring all office spaces and facilities are ready for the next day, including taking out trash, tidying, rearranging furniture, and wiping surfaces as needed
– Sweeping and mopping of floors, as well as vacuuming carpets
– Daily cleaning and sanitizing of all bathroom facilities, including toilets, sinks, and showers
– Restock necessary items (e.g. soap, paper products)
– Cleaning of mirrors and windows as needed
– General outdoor services and maintenance, such as watering plants, sweeping and mopping entry areas, cleaning glass doors at entrances
– Safe and proper use of cleaning products
– Ability to perform basic maintenance work and minor repairs is a plus (replacing broken switches, repairing door handles, replacing lightbulbs etc.)
– Commitment to reporting major damages to management and willingness to oversee repairs, if asked to do so
– Lockdown facilities at end of day including locking doors, closing windows, and setting the alarms
– Other ad-hoc duties as required

Requirements and Qualifications

– Work experience as custodian or cleaner
– Solid working knowledge of industrial cleaning equipment and appliances and how to maintain them
– Knowledge of safety protocols such as disposal of chemicals, garbage and other hazardous items
– Comfortable with basic gardening and maintenance tasks
– Detail oriented and conscientiousness



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